Opaline faces status effects as she searches the Dark Wood for her brother:

  • Anger, which only responds to Calming Bell;
  • Anxiety, which only responds to Toilet Paper;
  • Conspiracy, which only responds to Fact Serum;
  • Denial, which only responds to Sober Jam;
  • Fatigue, which only responds to Rested Butter;
  • Fever, which only responds to Trial Drug;
  • Horror, which only responds to Therapeutic Book;
  • Unconsciousness, which only responds to Star Flower.

With the help of Fairielle's magic, plus Greg's cute face, Opaline may figure out how to heal status effects without items; but even then—can she make it through the Dark Wood?—or will the status effects overcome her?

Note: Try the downloadable versions to improve performance.


I made The Dark Woods for Mechanic Jam 2, a game jam with a focus on mechanics and the theme, "Status Effects." I thought this was the perfect time to practice status-based plug-ins in RPG Maker MV, as well as processing feelings about COVID-19.

Let me know what you think! I like incorporating suggestions into future patches.

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One more suggestion: Can you make another game? 

Can it be like one where you are a small baby dragon and you are trying to help your mom/ dad that was captured by a evil wizard, and you go through a series of different dragon hunters and they try to catch you first!

Can there be different dragon types: Fire, Nature, Water, Air, and Magic? You will find them after defeating boss dragon hunters that have one of those types captured.

You get to choose what type you are and no type affects your stats. You only have different breaths: Fire: Fire Breath, deals fire damage Nature: Healing Ally Breath, and Deals poison damage to enemies. Water: Water breath, deals water damage. Air: Ice Breath, deals frost damage. Magic: Arcane Breath, deals arcane damage; you have to be level 10.

Also your games are awesome! 


Can you add Sadness that responds to comfort or caramel ice cream



I love that idea! Yes, we can do that in the next update! :3

Thanks you!


I don't like the fact that enemies have such high chances to inflict debuffs on you,especially if they are sleep and silence,but that doesn't mean that only they need tweaking since when you fight a lot of enemies in can be pretty overwhelming,like what's the point of having skills that remove status effects if the next turn i'm debuffed again? The characters don't even go one after another in terms of turns,making this even harder.

The fighting system definetely needs tweaking.

Haven't seen my characters able to unlock any new skills despite "learn skills" being an option.You could add skills that grant immunities to states if you would consider so.

The mp cost color is so dark,i bet you could find something better.


These are all awesome suggestions! 

I like the idea of adding non-debuff skills to the enemies so they aren't overwhelming the player with status effects...because, yeah, I can see how it'd start to feel like, "What's the point in removing this debuff?"

I can also see what you mean by the MP color. I'll fix that!

An immunity-granting skill is an amazing idea. That's going in, too.

Thank you for the helpful feedback. :3