Made for the Cross-Section Jam

A human may greet you at the entrance to this recruitment firm, but that's where the personable interview ends. Meet the Deep Interview, an artificial intelligence designed to collect data for clients who need only the best employees.

Answer wacky interview questions while playing as:

  • Jenny, college graduate;
  • Dewayne, laid-off office worker; and
  • Fae Wynn, former executive—until her business went under.

Once the three candidates complete their deep, deeper, and deepest interview questions, the tables turn: you become the greeter, destined to make the decision of who gets hired!

...With help from the Deep Interview's data, of course.


  • Movement—Arrow keys or mouse click.
  • Inspect/Select—Enter or mouse click.
  • Run—Shift or mouse click.
  • Credits—C.

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Edit: Love the endings.

Dread Nyanak. :)