I love 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons!—and Pathfinder, too—so I wanted to do something different for Weekly Game Jam #139, in the spirit of the theme followers...

A D20 Resource Made in Twine

Ever feel like the D20 feat system is too complex? ...Honestly, that's why I love it. But it helps to have tools to simplify lengthier steps in leveling up your character, which is why the Planar Leadership tool is a great way to determine your cohort and followers!

To use the tool, calculate your leadership score (check your Player's Handbook, or consult the walkthrough in Planar Leadership), then roll a d4 to determine your new buddies; and be prepared for some whacky planar options...

Good for leadership scores of 2 to 12.

Plans for April 2020 Update
High-level options: leadership scores 13 - 25. Bigger die: d6 charts.

Plans for May 2020 Update
Epic-level options: leadership scores 26 - 30. Bigger die: d8 charts.

Plans for June 2020 Update
Epic-level options: leadership scores 31-35. Bigger die: d10 charts.

Plans for July 2020 Update
Epic-level options: leadership scores 36-40. Bigger die: d12 charts.

Thanks for your interest!

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