Sweet Clover is my first Twine 2 project, featuring:

  • 15 nonlinear poems, interlinked in conversation
  • piano music and page-flipping sound effects
  • an ending mini-movie (spoiler: gif) with credits

Entry for Poetry Jam; February 2020

In 2020, I'm creating 20 RPG Maker MV games, plus 20 titles in other engines. I wanted to try Twine as part of that experience; so when I saw vin; adrogyne hosting a poetry jam, I couldn't resist. I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate with other writers!

I'm published on Poetry.org—and I'm also one of the Watty's 2019 poetry winners—so poetry is home; but this is my first time creating an interactive chapbook. Thank you for your interest in this experiment.

Development log

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