Take a minute or two, collecting eggs and vegetables, while you and your St. Bernard protect chickens and chick-a-dees from foxes and raccoons...

Controls: Keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen friendly:

  • Keyboard: Arrow Keys to move. Enter to select and inspect. Esc to cancel.
  • Mouse: Point-and-click to move. Left-click to select and inspect. Right-click to cancel.
  • Touchscreen: Tap to move. Tap to select and inspect.  Double-finger tap to cancel.

Completed for the RPG Maker Day Mini-game Challenge.


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2MinChicken_Windows.zip 303 MB
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2MinChicken_Linux.zip 347 MB

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A fun little game, though I do wish I could sprint or at least corral those chickens, because I kept having one that would wander down into fox territory and get eaten before I could do anything. ^^;

Do the items you can buy really change things?  I didn't buy any the times I played, since I never had enough tokens. 

Yeah, my husband tested the items to make sure they were changing gameplay! He also mentioned that the chickens walking near the foxes wasn't the best thing. Two comments on the same issue is a sign!—I'll need to update to give a corral feature! :3


Neat little minigame! 

Thank you! :D