Will you survive the text-based adventure aboard Virgo Galactic's starship, Manna? Beware Ale-Bra, the purple ostrich, and the simulation theory as you journey towards the Floating Cities of Venus...

Entry for Game Jam #135 (Theme: Shooting Stars)


150pg Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Start in 2nd-person perspective with 2-4 choices per screen
  • Unlock characters hidden within the protagonist, including Aeve, Beri, and the goo-eater
  • Discover new branches in old spaces, based on previously made decisions
  • Think kinetically on the interactive starscape as you consider your options

Multiple Endings

  • Special Endings—can you find all three?
  • Valentine's Day Ending
  • Most Foolish Ending
  • More than a dozen "normal" endings—aboard the starship, in the Floating Cities of Venus, and on a trade ship headed to Mars...

Future Updates

  • June 2020—artist story arc and music
  • Later 2020—adventurer story arc and sound effects
  • I love incorporating player suggestions, so share your thoughts!

Thanks for playing the first game I ever made in Microsoft Visual Studio!—just me, HTML, CSS, and my little JavaScript friends...

Development log

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