More Bug Fixes

Patch Notes

  • Fixed (another) bug in the battle system that made Akuji immortal. Game over can happen for real now!
  • Added Major Tom.

Known Issues (patching next week)

  • The WebM videos are not compatible with mobile devices. This means ending sequences may freeze.
  • The timer-based ending (i.e., you play for an hour) does not play the video, including on PC/Mac.

Goals for Next Week's Patch

  • Known issues.
  • Add Greg.
  • Add pause button.
  • Add button that displays shortcuts so player doesn't have to restart to access the in-game tutorial.

Additional Notes for RPG Maker MV Developers

  • I deleted all the states. All the states. So when I told the game to knockout Akuji, it didn't know what "knockout" meant. I'm grateful for learning more about the engine. It can't do anything with it's default objects if you take them away; it's just JavaScript.
  • If you know about a plug-in that allows players to interact with larger sprites that aren't stationary, please send the link.

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Feb 12, 2020

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