Play Pyke, a phoenix reborn as a man in a house full of bird-souls like Bleu the blue jay, Gildebrandt the goldfinch, and others...

While collecting veggies in the tranquil woods, the Thing appears! 

But if it didn't kill you, then what happened after the ambush?


We wanted to combine a few themes into one game:

  • Harvest Mouse Jam's theme is "spring," so we start in a springtime woodland
  • Quarantine Jam's theme is "a lot," so we have way too many bird-guys living in this quaint little cabin
  • Coriander's Jam 1's theme is "death is not the end," and March Loaf Jam's theme is "die to win," so we made a battle meant for loss, similar to the Final Fantasy IV struggle against the Dark Knight, or the Breath of Fire 2 nightmare versus Barubary

In addition, this is our first attempt at building a mobile-friendly game in RMMV! While Interstellar Orphan is compatible with tablets, making games for phones requires extra-tight resolution and under 100MB in assets. Credits in the title menu.

This is a project that deserves more updates in the future; your suggestions, comments, encouragements, etc. are appreciated. :)

Development log


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I didn't know what to do.
I already harvest the carrots and broccoli and entered in the home. But now I don't know what's next or where I have to go.
Some kind of guide or main quest hints whould be awesome.

I love quest journals!—and I will totally include a quest guide in the next update! I'll see if I can get that incorporated this coming week. :3 Thank you for the feedback!